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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Onion - Borrettana - 500 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Onion - Borrettana - 500 Seed


Onion - Borrettana

Onion Borettana is quick-growing with small, flat-shaped bulbs, with yellow/brown skins and crisp white, tasty flesh. The onions are excellent for a range of culinary uses. Onion Cipollini Yellow is ideal used for successional sowing through the spring. Sowing densities will determine the bulb size you harvest.

Seeds are best sown fairly thickly in broad drills, 13mm deep, in drills 30cm apart. No thinning is necessary but can be thinned to 13mm apart for ideal sized bulbs, or slightly wider spacing for larger flatter bulbs. Keep well-watered during spells of dry weather. Ripened bulbs in August can be lifted and stored in a dry, airy greenhouse or shed.

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