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Thompson & Morgan - Herb Lemon Grass  - 40 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Herb Lemon Grass - 40 Seed


Lemon Grass

This wonderful lemon-scented grass is a real delicacy. Lemon Grass is essential in Thai and Vietnamese dishes and an excellent addition to soups, curries, sauces and fish dishes. Also use Lemon Grass to make a refreshing tea and for perfume, oil and medicine. Germination can be slow. Reaches the height of up to 1.5m.

Sow seeds from late January to March on the surface of a good seed compost just covering the seeds with a thin layer of compost or vermiculite. Germination takes 21-40 days at 20-25C. Sealing in a polythene bag after sowing is helpful. When large enough to handle, transplant the seedlings to boxes or 7.5cm pots. When well grown gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions and plant out in late spring 3cm apart after all risk of frost, in a warm, sheltered spot in full sun. Keep well-watered and give the occasional liquid feed. To over winter, lift in early autumn, pot up and grow through the winter in a greenhouse with a minimum winter temperature of 7C. Alternatively grow permanently in 25-30cm container in a greenhouse or a conservatory. Keep well-watered throughout the summer, just moist through the winter.

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