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Thompson & Morgan - Flowers - Wild Flower Cornfield Mixture - 1 Gram


Thompson & Morgan - Flowers - Wild Flower Cornfield Mixture - 1 Gram


Cornfield Mixture

This is a mixture of the cornfield weeds of yesterday plus other attractive wild flowers to provide a splash of colour in a difficult area or create a mini cornfield in your wildlife garden. In the vegetable garden they can provide colour and nectar to attract pollinating insects and predators. It makes an excellent natural edge to gravel paths and drives, flowering in the summer. Height: 15-60cm.
The mixture contains: White Campion, Charlock, Corn Chamomile, Corn Cockle, Cornflower, Field Forget-me-not, Corn Marigold, Scentless May Weed, Field Pansy, Wild Pansy, Field poppy, Long-headed poppy.
Please Note: Even though wild flowers, they should not be scattered in the wild without the authorisation of your local Nature Conservation Trust.

Sow autumn or early spring in a sunny weed free soil that is low in fertility. Don't use fertiliser, rake well to make a seed bed and sprinkle the seed mixed with a little dry sand. Lightly rake and firm the soil with your feet and water thoroughly. Keep well-watered and weed free and thin out to 2cm apart. In autumn, after seed has been shed, clean up the site, rake well, firm and water thoroughly, this will ensure flowering next year.

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