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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Pea - Sugar Flash - 100 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Pea - Sugar Flash - 100 Seed


Pea - Sugar Flash


This variety is early to pod, only 9 weeks from sowing, producing an abundant crop of stringless, juicy and sweet snap pods approximately 7cm in length. Pods can be picked as a Mangetout just as the ‘peas’ begin to swell, but are best left until swollen in the pods for maximum sweetness and eaten whole. It features good heat tolerance during hotter summer conditions, and is powdery mildew resistant.

Sow in flat drills 15-23cm wide and about 25mm deep. Space the seeds about 4-5cm apart, and allow 70cm between each drill. Protect from birds and pea moth attack when flowering using fine netting. Grow in weed-free soil as peas are not easy to weed when growing. Support with twiggy sticks, wire or netting. Water thoroughly, especially when flowers are setting, for maximum yield.

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