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Thompson & Morgan - The Taste of Italy - Lettuce - Misticanza - 6000 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - The Taste of Italy - Lettuce - Misticanza - 6000 Seed


Lettuce - Misticanza

This is a delicious blend of lettuce which, from regular sowings give tasty salad leaves all the year round. It is a well-balanced mixture of young, fresh and tender leaves of chicory, lettuce, and endives, and is easy to grow with minimum maintenance. It will provide a continuous harvest of salad leaves all the year round if successionally sown in pots on the windowsill, or sown outdoors from March to September. Salad Leaves Mixture Misticanza D'Insalate contains: Lettuce Bionda a Foglia Liscia, Bionda a Foglia Riccia, Verde a Foglia Riccia, Meraviaglia Delle 4 Stagioni and Biscia Rossa.

Sow seeds thinly from late March in broad drills 13mm deep, thinning is not necessary. This crop is very suitable for sowing between longstanding crops such as, beans, tomatoes, eggplants, etc. The soil needs to be rich, moisture retentive and free from weeds. Keep well watered during hot dry periods. Harvesting can commence 2 days after sowing during the summer months. Pick regularly to encourage new leaves to develop, and sow every 3 weeks for succession.

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