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Flower - Primula Candelabra - Harlow Car


Flower - Primula Candelabra - Harlow Car


Primula Candelabra – Harlow Car

The Harlow Car selection of candelabra primulas is one of the brightest available, with tall stems holding tiered whorls of large bright orange, red and scarlet flowers which appear in April, May and June. These will grow in ordinary garden soil, but in a wet or damp situation they will make a dramatic statement to all who see them.

Primula seeds may be sown at any time onto a loam-based compost, barely cover so that around 50% are still visible. Best germination temperatures are between 10 and 15 degrees c. (e.g. a cool, northerly window sill) please note: temperatures exceeding 15 c can prevent germination, and above 20 c expect very little germination as most seeds will go dormant as a protective measure. Germination takes between 3 to 6 weeks, sometimes taking much longer.

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