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Albuca Shawii Seeds

Albuca Shawii Seeds

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Albuca Shawii

This lovely bulbous plant bears bright yellow, green striped, almond-perfumed flowers, rather like tiny daffodils, all summer long. When stroked, the fleshy, needle-like leaves exude a sweet scent. These plants from the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa can easily flower the first year from seed.

Sow seeds at any time covering them with compost or grit 5mm deep, in a cool, well-lit spot outdoors. Artificial heat is not needed and can prevent germination. Grow on seedlings in small pots until big enough to be potted on or planted out into the open ground in a well-drained spot that does not freeze in winter. They will also do well in sharply draining compost in a pot.

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