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Meconopsis baileyi Seeds

Meconopsis baileyi Seeds

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Meconopsis Baileyi

The fabulous "Himalayan Blue Poppy" forms clumps of hairy leaves from which arise strong stems carrying heads of silky, kingfisher-blue, almost transparent petals with golden eyes. This is one of the most beautiful garden plants.

The seeds can be sown at any time, but for a full season of growth they are best sown in trays in early spring. Cover the seeds very thinly, in a cool spot. No artificial heat is needed as this can cause rapid germination and fungal attack, or even make the seeds go more deeply dormant. Seedlings usually appear within 3 to 6 weeks but can take much longer. Pot on into 3 inch pots with cover to protect from the hot sun. Plant out into a shaded, moist, peaty or organic soil. Many are herbaceous, dying down to a large, resting winter bud.

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