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Squash / Gourd Plants Mixed - Sprinter / Sunburst / Turks Turban - 3 Plants in 9cm Pots


Squash / Gourd Plants Mixed - Sprinter / Sunburst / Turks Turban - 3 Plants in 9cm Pots


Squash / Gourd Mix - Sprinter / Sunburst / Turks Turban

These plants are in 9cm pots, they are packed for shipping in blister pack of 3

This pack contains one plant of each variety

Sprinter -This plant will literally take over your garden if it could, so it will need some training. But you will be rewarded with early maturing, high yields of good sized sweet squashes with an orange/gold flesh which store well. Sprinter was specially bred for the UK's cooler climate but does do better in a sunny position.

Sunburst - This squash produces a mass of little bright yellow mini flat lanterns that can be pickled or cooked.  Very easy to grow, treat as a courgette

Turks Turban - This unusual looking fruit is also known and related to a squash pumpkin and a gourd. So can be used in many different ways too, from decorations to roasting baked and steamed. Turks Turban comes in slightly varying colours, but normally a solid colour at the bottom and a paler colour at the top. Golden yellow orange moist flesh with a sweet and nutty taste.

We are delighted to be able to offer pot plants with our growing partner. All plants are packed to order and checked to ensure they are in top condition when they leave the nursery.

We aim to ship within 24 hours by Royal Mail 24 Service from Monday to Thursday. To avoid plants being left over the weekend shipments are not made outside these times.

Sometimes there will be a slight delay as weather conditions can delay plant growth, we will keep you informed of any problems.

Only one postage charge for multiple items. UK shipment only.

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