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Herb - Basil - Nufar hybrid


Herb - Basil - Nufar hybrid


Basil - Nufar hybrid

Basil Nufar hybrid is a Genovese type hybrid with some Fusarium resistance. This half hardy annual should be treated as for sweet basil and used fresh for cooking.

Basil thrives in rich, well drained soil, in a warm and sheltered position. Pick the leaves as required, which are best used fresh. Pinch out the tip of the main stem to encourage bushy growth or prevent plants from flowering.

Indoors: Sow in March to April, 0.5 cm deep, in separate pots if possible. Plant out in late May, spacing 30cm apart. Outdoors: Sow in drills, in May, with thin to 30 cm spacing. All Year round: Sow in pots on the window sill.

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