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Lavender Provence Blue Seeds

Lavender Provence Blue Seeds

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Lavender - Provence Blue

Lavender Provence Blue has a deep blue flower with an outstanding long flowering period. It can be used for dry bouquets if cut at an early stage. This lavender is ideal for use as border edging, pot plants, cut flowers or for drying. It grows to a height and spread of 50cm.

Sow direct In spring or late summer. The seed should be barely covered in soil and watered in dry weather. Thin out and grow on before transplanting to final position in the second year. Or sow early autumn in a seed tray or small pots. Do not cover the seed but cover the tray with glass until germination occurs. Prick out when large enough and grow on in small pots.

Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Harvest the flowering stems when flowers are fully open.

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