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Herb - Mexican Tarragon Mint


Herb - Mexican Tarragon Mint


Mexican Tarragon Mint - Tagetes Lucida

Mexican Tarragon Mint is a tender herbaceous perennial that dies back in early spring before reappearing in summer. Its aromatic leaves have a strong aniseed scent and flavour and are great in cooking. Also known as winter tarragon, spanish tarragon and sweet mace, it is indigenous to Mexico. If you live in the south you may see the sweetly-scented yellow flowers, but it rarely flowers in cold climates.

Sow in early spring in trays of compost mixed 50:50 with perlite. Maintain a temperature of 20C. Germination takes 14-21 days. Pot on seedlings when big enough to handle, and plant out after last frost. Or sow direct when soil is warm in late spring.

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