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Kings Seeds Onion Tosca 250 Seeds

Kings Seeds Onion Tosca 250 Seeds

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Onion - Tosca

Tosca produces a torpedo-shaped onion with yellow-brown skins. This particular variety has excellent flavour and is suitable for winter storage.

Sow from February to April. Early sowing can be made under glass in pots or seed trays. Sow seed on the surface of seed sowing compost and lightly cover with a sprinkling or vermiculite or compost. Place at a temperature of 14°C. Outdoor sowings can be made in April. Sow seed thinly in shallow drills 1.5cm deep, with rows spaced 30cm apart. Greenhouse sown seedlings can be pricked out into individual pots or modular trays. Move plants to a cold frame in April to harden off before planting outside 10cm apart. Outdoor sowings can be thinned gradually until plants are 10cm apart, then leave to mature as smaller bulbs for storing. Ready to harvest from August to September.

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