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Optigrow - Mr Fothergills Vegetable -  Chives - 650 Seeds

Mr Fothergills

Optigrow - Mr Fothergills Vegetable - Chives - 650 Seeds

Optigrow is an exciting new seed treatment that gives faster germination and better results.

A hardy perennial, can be grown in pots and as an annual. Mild onion flavour, perfect for dairy dishes and salads. Decorative flowers can also be used as a garnish.

Sow early in the year for an annual crop. Full growing instructions on each packet

Optigrow treatment uses just water and air. The really clever bit is knowing just how much of both to use and for how long. This patented treatment gets the seed ready to germinate (a process known as priming). The seed is then dried ‘back to sleep’. It can be stored in this state like untreated seed. Once planted the seed doesn’t need to prepare for growing because it has already done this so it germinates much quicker and with greater vigour than untreated seed.

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