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Plants From Seed - Grow Your Own Serrano Pepper Plant Kit

Plants from Seed

Plants From Seed - Grow Your Own Serrano Pepper Plant Kit

Serrano Pepper Kit

Serrano chilis are small to medium chili peppers with a fiery heat and sharp flavor. An extremely versatile and widely used chili pepper, serranos are similar in appearance to jalapenos, but they are smaller, more slender and pointed, and quite a bit spicier. Serrano peppers are green when unripe, which is when they are usually used. Serranos are generally eaten raw, sliced into rounds or minced for use in salsas or sauces, added to guacamole, or used as a garnish. Serrano chilis will turn red, orange or yellow as they ripen, and some of them will turn a chocolate brown colour.

The Scoville Heat Unit for this Chilli: 10,000 - 25,000

Whats in the kit?

2 x Small terracotta coloured plant pots.

1 x Medium terracotta coloured plant pots.

2 x Professional grow pellets.

1 x Plant Pot Tray 2 x label sticks

Serrano Pepper Seeds.

Instruction sheet on how to grow and take care of your new arrival.

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