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Wild Flower Special Meadow Mixture 26 Species Seeds

Wild Flower Special Meadow Mixture 26 Species Seeds

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Special Meadow Mixture 26 Species

This meadow mix contains 22 different wild flowers and 4 types of grass species. It is an ideal mix where the precise soil characteristics are not known, as the diverse mix will be able to adapt in the area, and certain species will become stronger over time. 4g of seed is enough for 1 square metre of land. This mix contains 20% wild flowers and 80% grass mix.

The breakdown of the mix is as follows:

Wild Flowers

Achillea Millefolium - Yarrow 
Centaurea Nigra - Common Knapweed 
Centaurea Scabiousa - Greater Knapweed
Daucua Carota - Wild Carrot 
Galium Mollugo - Hedge Bedstraw 
Galium Verum - Ladys Bedstraw 
Knautia Arvensis - Field Scabious 
Leontodon Hispidus - Rough Hawbit 
Leucanthemum Vulgare - Oxeye Daisy 
Lotus Corniculatus - Birdsfoot Trefoil 
Lynchis Flos-Cuculi - Ragged Robin 
Plantago Media - Hoary Plantain 
Primula Veris - Cowslip 
Prunell Vulgaris - Selfheal 
Ranunculus Acris - Meadow Buttercup 
Rhinanthus Minor - Yellow Rattle 
Rumex Acetose - Common Sorrel 
Sanguisorba Minor ssp. Minor - Salad Burnet 
Silene Dioica - Red Campion 
Silene Vulgaris - Bladder Campion
Stachys Vulgaris - Betony 
Vicia Cracca - Tufted Vetch 


Agrostis Caprillaris - Common Bent 
Cynosurus Cristatus - Crested Dogstail 
Festuca Rubra ssp. Juncea - Slender-Creeping Red-Fescue 
Phleum Bertolonii - Smaller Cats Tail 


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