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Wild Flower Special Flower Mixture Cornfield Annual Seeds

Wild Flower Special Flower Mixture Cornfield Annual Seeds

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Special Flower Mixture - Cornfield Annual


This special mix contains a wider range of flowers than our other cornfield mixtures including less available flowers. The seeds are 100% native British.

2g of seed is sufficient for 1 square metre of land.

The breakdown of the flowers is as follows:

Corncockle - Agrostemma githago

Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus

Corn Chamomile - Cota austriaca (Anthemis austriaca)

Corn Marigold - Glebionis segetum - (Chrysanthemum segetum)

Scarlet Pimpernel - Lysimachia arvensis - (Anagallis arvensis)

Scented Mayweed - Matricaria chamomilla - (Matricaria recutita)

Common Poppy - Papaver rhoeas

Corn Buttercup - Ranunculus arvensis

Night-flowering Catchfly - Silene noctiflora

Scentless Mayweed - Tripleurospermum inodorum

Common Field-speedwell - Veronica persica

This mix will flower about 3 months after sowing. Can be sown in spring or autumn. They will then self-seed but will need to be weeded and thinned to keep a balanced mix.

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