Geranium Horizon F1 Orange

Top ten hanging basket plants from seed

As temperatures plummet in the UK, it is advisable to bring hanging baskets or containers planted up with winter flowering pansies, violas or polyanthus under cover. If the compost is frozen solid bring them indoors to thaw out to allow the plants to recover themselves. 

frozen winter flowering pansies in hanging basket

Looking ahead to balmier times and replanting the baskets here’s our popular top ten hanging basket plants from seed for flowers and for edibles as follows:

From flower to flower – Petunias; double pirouette and, express varieties.  Bacopa. Lobelia; cascade and trailing types.  Geranium (pelargonium); Spirit (F2) or Horizon (F1) series. Nasturtium Gleam. Verbena Sparkles. Begonia; Illumination series. Sue will be covering sowing and growing of these varieties next month as it’s a little early yet to begin since these plants are not frost hardy. No harm in looking though!

For edibles, you could try vegetables, herbs and flowers – Tomatoes; tumbling varieties.  Basil to compliment the tomatoes. Chilli Pepper; trailing such as Hot Lemon or compact bushy types. Cucamelon. Nasturtium Whirlybird. Peas; mangetout or sugar snap. Corsican Mint to accompany your peas. Strawberries. You will notice nasturtiums in both lists – both decorative and tasty the flowers can be eaten, a double winner.

sugar snap peas Purple Magnolia

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