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        Organic Carrot Early Nantes

        Organic Carrot - Early Nantes This type is a vigorous grower produces 16cm long, cylindrical, blunt ended deep red/orange roots. Sow from March through to August for a harvest from June...

        Organic Carrot Flakkee

        Organic Carrot - Flakkee This type is easy to grow and although considered a main crop variety, can be successionally planted to give a continuous crop, producing large, thick roots. It...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Onion White Lisbon 400 Seeds

        Organic Onion - White Lisbon This is one of the most popular vegetables for the salad garden. These are white skinned with a delicious mild flavour and are quick growing. They...

        Organic Carrot Autumn King

        Organic Carrot - Autumn King This is a popular variety that produces long heavy roots with great colour. Sow from March through to August for a harvest from June to August.

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Carrot Nantes 2 300 Seeds

        Organic Carrot - Nantes 2 This is a favourite variety for successional sowing, with superb flavour and colour. It features blunt ended cylindrical roots with a very small core. Sow in...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Carrot Autumn King 400 Seeds

        Organic Carrot - Autumn King This is the most popular main crop carrot. It produces a yield of long thick roots with good colour and flavour that can be pulled as...