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Tomatillo Verde Seeds

Tomatillo Verde Seeds

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Tomatillo - Verde

This variety is grown like a Tomato, and has an indeterminate branching habit. It can be used in salsa, and many Mexican recipes. It is approximately the size of a large cherry tomato, and when ripe the paper-like husk turns brown and breaks down. It produces deep green fruits.

Sow from January to March. Space the seeds 2cm apart in trays or two to a cell in modules under glass at 18°C. Cover lightly with fine compost and gently water. Cover with glass or polythene to retain humidity. Remove cover as soon as seedlings emerge. Prick off seedlings into 9cm pots as soon as true leaves have formed. When the first truss of flowers appear, transplant to growing site. If growing outside, gradually harden off before transplanting in early June. Stake for support.

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