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Luffa cylindrica Loofah Seeds

Luffa cylindrica Loofah Seeds

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Luffa cylindrica - Loofah Seed

The Luffa sponge ( Loofah) produces edible fruits when young but are normally grown until the fruit is mature. It is then dried and the fibres produce the Loofah that can be used in the bath like a sponge. They are a climbing plant and can be grown up a trellis in a sheltered spot or in the greenhouse. They will grow rapidly and can be treated in a similar way to a cucumber.

The seed can be sown at the last frost, they can be transplanted but avoid the plant becoming pot bound. Plants need rich soil full of organic matter. May need supporting. Supply abundant moisture and keep picking mature fruit. Can plant 2 plants in a growbag or large pot if keeping in the greenhouse
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