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        Organic Tomato Matina

        Organic Tomato - Matina This is an indeterminate type producing vigorous growing, healthy plants with bright red fruits. Sow in pots from February onwards. Sow seeds on the surface, cover lightly....

        Organic Tomato Marmande

        Organic Tomato - Marmande This late maturing variety produces large, uneven shaped fruits with lots of flavou. Sow in pots from February onwards. Sow seeds on the surface, cover lightly. Do...

        Organic Tomato Cheramy RZ F1 (72122) GSPP

        Organic tomato - Cheramy RZ F1 (72-122) GSPP This is a top quality commercial variety from Rijk Zwaan now available for everyone to try. It is foil packed for extra freshness....

        Unwins Tomato (Round) Matina (Organic) Seeds

        Delicious early salad variety of tomato with great flavour. Organically produced variety with rich red fruits and firm skin, fruits are flavoursome and come in abundance. The plants are robust and...

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Tomato Matina

        Vigorous growing plants produce a good crop of large bright red fruits that are full of flavour.

        Johnsons Organic Tomato Ace 55 VF 10 Seeds

        A large, fleshy heirloom variety with a mellow flavour and low acidity. Shows resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium. Determinate, requires no support.

        Suffolk Herbs Organic Tomato Yellow Perfection

        Smooth round, golden yellow fruits of sweet flavour. Very early to mature and a prolific cropper, adding colour to your salads.

        Organic Tomato Yellow Perfection

        Organic Tomato - Yellow Perfection This variety produces smooth, round golden yellow fruits. The fruits are produces very early and the plants are prolific. Sow in pots from February onwards. Sow...

        Organic Tomato St Pierre

        Organic Tomato - St Pierre This is a traditional french variety that produces a late crop of large, tasty, bright red fruit. It is an excellent type for both fresh market...