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Kings Seeds Brussel Sprouts Fillbasket 500 Seeds

Kings Seeds Brussel Sprouts Fillbasket 500 Seeds

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Brussels Sprout - Fillbasket


Fillbasket has been a gardener's favourite for many years. It produces dark green, fairly large sprouts on strong plants.


Sow the seed from March to April thinly, 1.5cm deep in pots or trays under glass at 13°C. Alternatively, sow in shallow, 1.5cm deep, drills in a seed bed outside. As soon as glasshouse seedlings show the first pair of leaves, prick off into trays 5cm apart. Gradually harden off before planting in the growing site 60cm apart in May. Thin outdoor seedlings as soon as possible to 10cm apart and transplant to growing site when about 15cm tall. Ready to harvest from November to January.


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