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Suffolk Herbs - Herb - Pot Marjoram - 400 Seeds


Suffolk Herbs - Herb - Pot Marjoram - 400 Seeds


Pot Marjoram - Origanum Vulgare

This is a member of the oregano family with a milder flavour than Sweet Marjoram or Greek Oregano. It has a hairy, rounded and green mottle with red stem, and dark pear-shaped leaves. It also features pretty pink flowers that attract bees, and grows to a height of about 45cm.

Sow inside at any time in trays or pots, sowing very thinly in a peat-based compost. Cover with glass until seeds germinate and maintain at 20C. Germination should take about 7 to 10 days. Alternatively, sow outside in the spring. The tiny seed should barely be covered, and then thin and transplant when large enough to handle. Ensure the site has well drained, dryish alkaline soil, as rich soil causes plants to produce leaves with a stronger flavour. Full sun is needed.

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