How to Grow Bacopa

Grow Bacopa plants from seed

Latin Name : Sutera cordata


Where to grow Bacopa

Bacopa plants are ideal for hanging baskets and pots due to their cascading habit and their ability to flower throughout the summer growing season.  

Are Bacopa plants hardy?

It is a perennial but is usually grown as an annual as it will not survive temperatures below freezing.

How to sow Bacopa Seeds

The seeds we sell are pelleted. Each pellet contains a number of seeds. We find that the pellets are easy to handle and it saves thinning the plants out later.

The optimum time to sow the seeds is from January to April. Sow the seeds in quality seed compost. Space the seeds out on the surface of the compost and then gently press them in. Ideally cover them with a thin layer of vermiculite. Do not cover the seeds with compost as they need light to germinate.

Germination conditions for Bacopa

Place the seeds in a heated propagator at 20–23C or in a warm spot in the house. With pelleted seeds it is important they do not dry out, so it is best to cover the seeds with a mini greenhouse or clear plastic bag.  After planting, spray the compost to make sure it is wet but not waterlogged.

How long do Bacopa seeds take to germinate?

Germination is expected to take between 4 days and 2 weeks depending on the temperature. When they have germinated remove the cover to allow the air to flow and avoid damping off. 

When do you pot up the Bacopa seedlings?

There are no strict rules but if you leave them too long the seedling roots will grow into each other and the process of potting up will damage them. Wait until the small plants have established and are easy to handle and then pot into individual pots. Grow them on until they are ready to plant  in their final location.

Hardening off your Bacopa plants

It is important to harden off your plants before planting them out. Move the plants from the greenhouse or windowsill initially to a sheltered spot outside. Keep an eye on the weather and if it gets cold then make sure you protect them at night. Allow a couple of weeks to fully harden off your plants. 

How to care for your Bacopa plants?

Plant out your plants into their final location in a hanging basket or a pot. This is done when the risk of frost has passed. Usually this is some time in May but check your local weather forecast.  Make sure you use a quality compost as this will make a lot of difference to the display of flowers over the summer. When you have planted out your Bacopa plants there are a few things to do to get a glorious display of flowers through the summer in your hanging basket or pots.

How do I water my Bacopa plants?

They do best with a moist but not waterlogged soil.  Make sure you water regularly in the hot summer weather.

How much feed do I give my Bacopa plants?

A good compost contains enough food for the first few weeks. After this find a good quality plant food, follow the instructions and you will find it significantly improves the quality and quantity of your flowers.

Other care instructions for Bacopa plants

These plants don’t require any other special care. There is no dead heading so just enjoy the display.


Best varieties from seed

There are a lovely range of colours available from seed including:

Bacopa Snowtopia  - beautiful white flowers

Bacopa Pinktopia - delightful pink

Bacopa Blutopia - exquisite blue 

Bacopa Topia Mix - a mix of blue and white flowers.