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Paeonia lutea SSP Ludlowii Seeds

Paeonia lutea SSP Ludlowii Seeds

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Paeonia Lutea SSP Ludlowii

The lovely yellow "Tree Peony" produces masses of golden yellow bowl-shaped flowers from late spring until mid-summer. It is relatively slow-growing, producing masses of strong "trunks" which lengthen over the years, but it is a very long lived thing, becoming an heirloom after ten years or so.

Sow at any time, covering with compost or grit half an inch deep. Keep moist in a cold spot outside as peonies are very slow to germinate, sometimes taking up to two years to appear. Do not use artificial heat as this may simply kill them. As a rule they just make an underground root the first year, shoots appearing above ground in year two. Grow on seedlings in 3” pots and finally plant out in good garden soil. Never discard the seed tray until the seedlings appear.

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