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Lettuce Salanova Knox Crisp Frisee Barbex RZ Seeds

Lettuce Salanova Knox Crisp Frisee Barbex RZ Seeds

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A crisp frisee-style lettuce variety with triple red leaves.

Attractive, baby-sized leaves produced by Barbex RZ are perfect for the salad leaf segment. These incised, wavy leaves add dimension and texture to any salad preparation. Barbex RZ has been target bred for mechanical harvesting. Leaves are upright, sturdy, and stay off the ground during winter; characteristics promoting a cleaner harvest.

Barbex RZ is a Salanova® variety. With just one cut at the base, Salanova lettuce separates into multiple evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, leaves. Salanova® lettuce have up tot three times more useable leaves than traditional lettuce.

Barbex RZ also benefits from the Rijk Zwaan Knox™ trait. Knox™ is a naturally occurring trait that has been bred into this variety. This trait delays the pinking of cut leaf surfaces, offering longer shelf life and a more attractive processed product. This means less food waste and more profit.

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