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Mr Fothergills Dwarf Bean Flageolet Flagrano 100 Seeds

Mr Fothergills Dwarf Bean Flageolet Flagrano 100 Seeds

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Dwarf Bean - Flageolet Flagrano

Flageolet Flagrano is considered a delicacy in Europe, as they are some of the tastiest shell beans you could eat. The beautiful, small beans should be shelled from the pods when they are still moist and tender. Treat them like a garden pea or a baby broad bean. Mature beans can also be shelled, dried and stored. Once tried we are convinced they become addictive.

Sow indoors for surest results from April to May, 2.5cm deep into individual pots of compost. Water well and place in a warm position. A temperature of 15-20°C is ideal. Keep moist. Seedlings usually appear in 7-14 days. Gradually accustom plants to outside conditions, before planting out 25cm apart, during May-June when frosts are over. Allow 45cm between rows. Or sow outdoors May-July for ease, where they are to crop, 5cm deep, directly into finely-prepared, well-cultivated, fertile soil, which has already been watered. Delay sowing if soil is cold or waterlogged. Sow two seeds together, 30cm between each position. Allow 45cm between rows. Thin to leave stronger plant. Water well until plants are established. Harvest from June to October.

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