Giant Vegetables April Diary - Plants starting to grow quickly

Giant Vegetables April Diary - Plants starting to grow quickly

The weather has not been the best but the plants in the greenhouse are beginning to grow quickly. I am waiting another week before starting the giant cucumbers and tomatoes as I was too early last year. I will also be starting some long runner beans but not until June. 

This week I have started the giant potatoes. It will be interesting to see how they get on. I am starting them in pots in the greenhouse and will be planting them outside in a few weeks. This year I have reduced the number of growths to a single bud. The variety I am growing is the same one that was used to grow the world record called Kondor.  I will include pictures when there is something to see.


Giant Onions

The giant onions continue to establish well. They are currently increasing in  circumference at just under 1 inch each week. The challenge is to keep them growing consistently and not allowing the developing plant to get wet when watering. These ones are being grown in coir and the nutrients are being added with each watering. I have reduced the lights, while I was away for a couple of days the plants got a bit hot under the lights which definitely decreased the quality of some of the leaves. The plants are adding an extra leaf each week. I still have the plants under lights and keep the growing area at 10C minimum overnight. 

The plants are currently measuring between 10 and 12 inches with similar height. They are much smaller than some of the top growers but if I can keep them going hopefully they will make a good size.


Giant Beetroot

I have potted up the giant beetroot into two litre pots. They are currently in the greenhouse but I will start to harden them off. I am making up the growing area with lots of extra well rotted garden compost to see if I can get them larger than previous years. It always amazes me the speed they grow and the size of leaves compared to normal beetroot.





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