"But now in September the garden has cooled"

We are experiencing more comfortable temperatures though not yet the rainfall needed to replenish the aquifers and reservoirs. The weather will gradually turn cooler, night time temperatures dropping as daylight hours reduce. 

I try to tidy up as I go along. Having harvested all the crop, I chop up the foliage to put in my hot bin. (Now is an excellent time to start a compost heap). If there is cleared ground with nothing to follow I sow green manures - field beans, phacelia and grazing rye are good autumn cover, retaining nutrients and moisture in the soil. 

Tip: cut off the stalks of peas and beans for composting but leave the roots in the ground. Helps soil stability and keeps nitrogen in the ground. 

There is still time to sow winter lettuces, salad leaf mixes, rocket and land cress. Plant garlic and japanese onion sets. 

For your flower garden sow hardy annuals such as  calendula (pot marigolds), centaura, larkspur, nigella (love-in-a-mist)  limnanthes (poached egg plant) and poppies. Overwinter sweet peas sown now for earlier flowering next year.

Consider buying in your spring flowering bulbs (tulips should be planted later in November)


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