Happy New Year

Whilst the weather may not be conducive to gardening outdoors, it can be comforting to sit warm and cosy inside and plan ahead. 

We do have onion sets and taster packs of seed potatoes in stock from first earlies to main crop favourites. We are busy packing and adding new varieties of vegetables and flowers to our range as well. 

What to sow in January - indoors sow herbs, micro greens and sprouting seeds on the windowsill to add freshness to your winter staples. If you have a green house, propagator or wide windowsill you can get an early start on your bedding plants but these will need protecting and shouldn't go outside until the last frost has passed.

Lobelia, begonia semperflorens and pelargonium (geraniums) can be started under glass and clumps of seedlings potted on when big enough to handle. 

No room indoors?, then broad beans (and sweet peas but don't eat these) can be started off in pots outside, keep in a sheltered spot . watch out for waterlogging and mice!

If you fancy some fruit then rhubarb can be started from seed, likewise alpine or everlasting strawberries too. You won't be able to harvest anything this year though.


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