Instead of a red rose, give 'chocolates' instead

Rather than handing over a single red rose or a woebegone bunch from the garage, why not give your beloved a gift with more meaningful sentiment.

You could spare your marjoram by giving a chive selection to demonstrate your sorrel and sweet basil thereby revealing your tarragon or coriander

Marjoram (blushes) Chives (useful) Sorrel (affection) Sweet basil (good wishes) Tarragon (lasting interest) Coriander (hidden worth)

If herbs wouldn’t entice your intended then how about something red from ‘The difference is JustSeed ®’ range instead.......

Salvia ‘Blaze of Fire’ – forever mine

Sweet pea ‘Winston Churchill’ – delicate pleasure

Sunflower ‘Red Sun’ – adoration

Dianthus Sweet William ‘Sweet Red F1’ - pure and ardent love

For a treat that will last longer than a day add an assorted box of 'chocolates' for your sweetheart from

(Johnsons) Berlandiera lyrata – Chocolate Daisy (chocolate scented flowers)

Black Salsify – Scorzonera hispanica  (usually grown for the edible root, its dandelion like flowers emit a delicate chocolate aroma)

Coleus - Chocolate Mint (colour)

Digitalis Parviflora - Milk Chocolate Foxglove (colour)

Pepper (Chilli) - Chocolate Bhut Jolokia or Habanero Chocolate (colour)

Tomato - Chocolate Cherry or Chocolate Stripes (colour)

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