July - "a blind date with summer.”

With all the watering and feeding, tying in and so on there hardly seems room to sow anything. However when any gaps appear, there are crops to sow in July to give late autumn/ early winter pickings. Quick growing salad crops such as lettuces, salad leaves, radishes and spring onions. You could try a different mix - oriental with mustards, pak choi, tatsoi and mizuna or frilly selection with mustards, rocket, kale and greek cress.  

Depending where you are , this is your last opportunity to sow kohl rabi, Florence fennel or a final flush of dwarf French beans, carrots (early nantes types) and beetroot..

Sow pots of basil, chervil, coriander and parsley

Biennials such as foxgloves, honesty and wild teasel for the wildlife. Others suitable for sowing now for flowers next spring include sweet rocket and stocks for scent, aquilegia, campanula, coreopsis, delphinium, myosotis, penstemon and pansies.. 

Tip: An old water bottle, bottom cut off, inverted into the container or even at the base of fruit trees and bushes helps direct water to where it is most needed. 

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