"Knee-deep in June"

"Knee-deep in June"

Everything is flourishing but it important to keep sowing too for new vegetables and salads to crop later on (succession panting). Keep sowing your salads - mixed leaves, radishes, spring onions, lettuce.

Tip: water the drill or hole before you sow the seed. this encourages the seed to seek water below.

Carrots to follow early lettuce for example, or kale to follow early beetroot, swedes to follow pea shoots. Don’t wait until the early crops are gone but plant or sow in the gaps between their rows.

Tender veg, such as runner beans, sweetcorn and courgettes can be planted outside now that the danger of frost has passed. Keep them well watered during these dry spells as they put down new roots into the ground

As we have been blessed with fry sunny days, make good use of them by chopping down the weeds. Kill weeds by cutting through them with a hoe, then let them dry out and die quickly. It’s worthwhile doing even on seemingly weed free soil as it will help to disturb any tiny weed seedlings and break the crust on the surface to allow any moisture to penetrate..

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