trial growing potatoes in bag, green foliage

"May. - Birds, Buds, Blossoms, Beauty!"

What seeds to sow in May?

The next few weeks are busy time as the soil warms up, we can sow direct as well as indoors. Plus the weeds pop up everywhere and the grass needs mowing. (Feed the bees and adopt 'no mow May'!)

A few ideas are shown on our website front page, and I look with eager anticipation at the packets lined up. But still my ground is too wet and cold. day time temperatures fluctuate widely let alone over night. Tolerating the weather, my transplanted broad beans, sweet peas and strawberry plants are holding up well and, despite some frosty mornings my trial potatoes in bags are looking fine. 

I have sown some tomato seeds, recommended varieties for growing outside, which have come through. Although I have kept them indoors under lights, my chilli pepper seedlings have struggled to make any growth so I doubt I will have any this year. 

Otherwise I shall keep shuffling through my packets and, with a watchful eye on the weather, start sowing direct some beetroot, lettuce and salad leaves. Indoors I have sown courgettes to grow on in a large container and later this month I shall sow my runner beans.  The canes are in ready for them to scramble up.

May. — The very word makes the heart leap. Birds, Buds, Blossoms, Beauty! Break away from every bondage of circumstance or low spirits and go out into the sunshine. Answer back the bird-note in your heart, kiss your finger tips to every new blossom, and be a part of the spring. ~Eva D. Kellogg, "May," 1902

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