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Microgreens are simply seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs snipped off when no more than 2”/5cm high. These tiny, delicate shoots can add colour, texture and flavour to a variety of foods as an ingredient or garnish. Sometimes confused with sprouted seeds such as mung beans, that are eaten in total,  seed, root and shoot. Microgreens are widely sold in supermarkets in their familiar form of tubs of ‘mustard and cress’ or ‘salad cress’.

Salad greens, leafy vegetables, herbs and even edible flowers can be grown as microgreens, though some varieties are better suited than others. They can be grown cost-effectively at home on a sunny windowsill in a shallow container.

Sow & Grow

Fill your container with a layer of compost as these little seedlings will need a good start to pack a punch. Sow thickly so the surface of the compost is covered in a single layer. Space larger seeds slightly further apart. Then sprinkle a thin layer of compost or vermiculite over your seeds. Gently water them – stand in a dish of water then drain. Keep your containers in a bright sunny area. Water every other day so the compost stays moist. Snip off your greens as required once the second set of leaves have grown. (The first ones to appear are cotyledon or seed leaves.) 

Each cultivar grows at a different rate and produce varying flavours and textures. Grow separately and mix as desired.




Ready to harvest

Amaranthus Green Giant

mild earthy taste

21 days


Amaranthus Red Army

vibrant red stems, feathery leaves, mild flavour

21 days


Red Veined Sorrel

lemon citrus notes, beautiful red stems

12 - 20 days


Nasturtium Blue Pepe

crunchy, spicy flavour

14 days

Pak Choi Purple Rain

deep purple/red tender leaves, cabbage flavour

10 days


Garlic Chives

thick leaved with a nice garlic flavour adding to the chive taste

10 – 21 days

Mustard Red Lace

pinky red leaves, spicy, peppery taste, quick and easy

14 days

Mustard  Wasabina Improved

ruffled leaves, accents of horseradish and mustard

14 days

Red Chard

delicate red leaves, a mild sweet beet taste

10 – 15 days


Tip: This is an excellent way to use up any old packs of seeds you have leftover lurking in the shed. Basil, dill, carrots, radish, spinach, rocket and cabbage all make excellent microgreens.



Harvest straight to the plate, finesse your sandwich fillings, perk up your salads, adorn your omelette or scrambled eggs, smash your mash, add pizzazz to your pizzas.

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