Tomato Gigantomo red beefsteak variety

Showcase of new varieties to sow now

We have been stocking up on old favourites and new quality additions from one of our suppliers. Check them out

If you have a heated propagator and grow lamp, you could start sowing chillies, aubergines and sweet peppers this month as they need a longer growing season.. Or, if like me, you have fairly wide window sills but no propagator then again you could start a few off indoors as temperatures don't drop as low overnight.. 

  • NEW Aubergine 'Genie' is ripens early with big yields of creamy white flesh. 
  • NEW Aubergine 'Meatball' has dense, flavoursome flesh,; ideal for vegetable fritters or burgers.
  • Chilli Pepper 'Toofan' does exceptionally well in unheated greenhouses in N. Europe. Fruit from these vigorous semi-erect plants ripen to scarlet.
  • NEW Chilli Pepper 'Sparky' is another variety that grows well under UK conditions. Bushy ornamental with masses of small red fruit.
  • Chilli Pepper 'Reggae' .is suitable for growing in a large pot or even outside in a sunny sheltered spot. Multiple pendulous fragrant fruits can be used either green or red.
  • NEW Sweet Pepper 'Afterglow' is a superb early fruiting introduction; producing bright yellow medium sized fruits
  • Sweet Pepper 'Popti' produces compact plants good for growing in containers with deep red , medium sized fruits

If you have room you might sow a few tomatoes too this month and then more next month to provide a succession of plants, in case of failures or unexpected disasters

  • Tomato 'Gigantomo' was introduced in 2014 and has proven a world beater. Magnificent huge and flavoursome beefsteak variety holds a justified RHS Award of Garden Merit  (AGM)
  • Tomato 'Consuelo' is another award winner, "Which" Best Buy April 2021. A recent tasty large red cherry introduction
  • Tomato 'Veranda Red' is British bred to resist various diseases. An early fruiting dwarf plant suitable for container or basket growing; it bears many sweet flavoured fruits. 
  • NEW  Tomato 'Shimmer' has an intriguing elongated shape with shimmering gold and green stripes. High yielding with luscious and succulent flavour

 The problems remains what NOT to grow as there is so much choice. add just one new variety to try this year, you may discover a champion.

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