SOW, GROW, EAT Sprouting Seeds

SOW, GROW, EAT with “The Difference is JustSeed”

Ending ORGANIC SEPTEMBER with higher temperatures so let’s end with sprouting seeds

Organic Sprouting Seed - Mung Bean  the popular Chinese bean sprout, whose white sprouts can be used in salads, stir fry and numerous Chinese dishes. Harvest when 3-4cm long after 4-6 days.

Organic Sprouting Seed - Alfalfa  easy to grow, nutritious with mild flavour and gentle crunch.  

Organic Sprouting Seed – Adzuki Bean sprouted Adzuki beans are generally tender and ready to eat after about 3 days; they can be left 6 days for longer sprouts

The most common way to grow is in a jar.

Use a proprietary sprouting jar or a large (1-2 litre) jar with a pierced lid to provide ventilation and drainage. Any equipment used for sprouting seeds should be cleaned thoroughly using hot soapy water; always wash your hands before and after handling seeds. Place the seeds in the jar (no more than one-third full), screw on the top, rinse them well with cold water, before adding enough lukewarm water to almost fill the jar. Leave the seeds to soak overnight, then rinse and thoroughly drain them (just turn the jar upside down). Lay the jar on its side, somewhere dark or at least gloomy. After that, all you have to do is keep it at room temperature, rinsing and draining the contents two to four times a day, drain well and put them in the fridge. Once sprouts have reach desired length, three to five days depending on variety, drain well, remove any remaining hulls, and enjoy immediately or transfer to a covered container in the fridge.

 Use within two or three days.

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