SOW, GROW, EAT with “Th Difference is JustSeed”

SOW, GROW, EAT with “Th Difference is JustSeed”

Continuing our campaign during ORGANIC SEPTEMBER

this week we are recommending radishes.

Radishes mature in a mature of weeks, so it's worth a late batch of seeds now in order to add crunch to your leafy salads:-

Organic Radish – Saxa produces round, scarlet roots that are early to mature.
Organic Radish – Sparkler is very attractive on a salad plate. It has bright red, round roots with a white tip. It has a mild flavour and crisp flesh.
Organic Radish - Early Scarlet Globe a good traditional variety producing bright red, round roots.

Sow direct outdoors; thinly in drills 2cm deep. Cover and water in. Keep the soil moist to ensure rapid growth, keep the roots fleshy and tasty and prevent splitting. Quick to mature, these are ready in about 4 weeks after sowing. Pull as required.

Tip: Even in winter, containers need watering, particularly in dry winters or if your containers are in the shadow of a wall. But they’ll need a lot less watering than they do in summer. Check the moisture regularly. Avoid watering before freezing weather is predicted: you don’t want the water to freeze in the pot.

Usually eaten raw these varieties can also be cooked like other root vegetables. Add to vegetable stews, they become mellow, sweet and juicy. Or roast along with potatoes, shallots, carrots or winter squash. Add later as they don’t take long, just 10 minutes or so.

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