SOW, GROW, EAT with “The Difference is JustSeed”

SOW, GROW, EAT with “The Difference is JustSeed”

As daylight hours slowly dwindle into autumn, late sown vegetables don’t flower and fruit. Leafy crops do better, although harvests are less abundant than in summer.  For successful late season growing , most crops need to be sown late summer/early autumn so they are in growth and established by the time the colder weather arrives.


In conjunction with Soil Association National campaign
living/organic-september/ we are highlighting our range of organic seeds suitable for sowing and growing this month.
This week – winter purslane (claytonia perfoliata) or Winter Miners Lettuce
Cold resistant salad leaf, cropping from October to early spring.
Sow now for winter supply. Start off in trays in warmth if you can, germination takes 1-2 weeks. Or outdoors; in drills, thin to 30 cm spacing. Easy to germinate but slow growing. Keep well watered at  first until established.

Tip: It grows well in the cold but less well in the wind – try and put it in a sheltered spot if you can.

Although many plants survive without protection, they will grow more strongly and be more
productive if you can cover them with fleece. If growing in a container move it into a snug space. This has a pleasing, slightly succulent texture and is rich in vitamin C. It has good flavour and is high in minerals and vitamins. This hardy winter green salad crop is said to reduce cholesterol levels.

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