SOW, GROW, EAT with “The Difference is JustSeed”

SOW, GROW, EAT with “The Difference is JustSeed”

Even though the weather is decidedly cool, it’s ORGANIC SEPTEMBER and this week we are going oriental. september/

Leaf varieties to sow outdoors include: pak choi (tatsoi), mizuna, spicy oriental salad mixes and spinach varieties such as "Giant Winter";. These should germinate quickly and give you plenty of supply for stir fries, soups and leafy salads through to the first frosts. Sow by the end of September.

Organic Pak Choi - Tatsoi – Rosette Tastier and more attractive than pak choi. a unique Japanese green that is great in salad or for cooking.

Organic Red Mustard - Osaka Purple. Easy to grow, and full of flavour Red mustard grows into large plants with broad leaves. The leaves should be harvested when red, normally in colder weather.

Organic Beet Leaf Rhubarb Chard although not oriental as such, this chard makes an interesting change for Leaf Beet. It features bright red leaf and rib, and is highly suited for baby spinach.

Prepare the soil by mixing in some organic fertiliser, compost or rotted manure prior to sowing. Sow direct 1cm deep in rows about 20cm between rows. Thin plants to 10cm apart. Tatsoi should be ready to harvest in 6-7 weeks, mustard in 8 weeks and chard in 10 weeks or so depending on the weather. These can all tolerate light frost; exposure to cold can improve flavour.

Tip: Harvest the outer leaves of your crops by picking or cutting them off. Leave plenty of the inner leaves for the plant to regrow, particularly in the colder months. Growth will slow right down over winter, particularly in colder years, but the plant will start into vigorous growth in early spring.

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