SOW, GROW, EAT with “The Difference is JustSeed”

Still rather changeable weather, it’s ORGANIC SEPTEMBER so let’s bring a change with some herbs

Organic Coriander – Cilantro for leaf production. Easier to grow in the autumn and winter than it is in summer, less inclined to bolt. Sow by mid September, pick sparingly from mid November, and it will regrow strongly in early spring.

Organic Basil - Classic Italiian has large, spoon-shaped aromatic leaves of bright green colour.

Organic Parsley – Plain used all over Europe, features flat, dark green leaves with the most outstanding flavour of all the varieties.

Herbs chervil and dill are good to sow now, too.

Fill suitable containers with good compost mix. Use individual pots for each herb, with drainage holes on waterproof tray. Sow seeds, checking planting depth and coverage.  Place containers on a sunny, south-facing window. Keep out of draughts, don't allow leaves to touch cold window panes. Keep soil moist but don’t leave the pots standing in water to go soggy.  Feed occasionally with a half-strength solution of an all-purpose fertilizer. Pinch back branching varieties, such as basil, to keep them compact as they have a tendency to go leggy.

Tip: Crops in winter grow more slowly and so need less feeding than in summer. If you are using new compost, they will need little feeding until the spring. If you are using old compost, mix in a good dose (15-20%) of worm compost if you have it, or a handful or two of chicken manure pellets if not. Feed with liquid seaweed or worm tea once the weather begins to warm up (March or April) and when the plants start grow vigorously again.

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