"That's some daisy chain"

Not for the fastidious; leaving your lawn uncut for 'No Mow May'(or even until August).  Having tried this last year, this May my lawn is already growing field speedwell and sweet violet

sweet violet amongst grasses ' No Mow May 2022

in amongst the more common daisies, dandelions and plantains.
daisies on front lawn, No Mow May 2022

Average size lawns left to blossom could provide enough nectar for 400 bees every day. Providing a flower rich environment increases biodiversity for a variety of insects, bees and hoverflies. A newly published study reports a dramatic decline in insect populations. Though we may consider them pests, they are vital in pollinating our food crops. Loss of habitat seems a major factor with sites becoming isolated from one another.  By doing nothing you too could help feed the bees.

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