"We go in withering July To ply the hard incessant hoe"

"We go in withering July To ply the hard incessant hoe"

Soaring temperatures forecast for July may bring seed sowing to a halt. whilst ideal temperatures for germination are quite high, keeping the seedlings alive and thriving once sprouted is more difficult.

If you do sow, water the ground first. Sow your seeds, lightly cover and then water again with a fine rose. In hot spells you might need to water the emerging seedlings in early morning and late evening avoiding direct sunlight.

Reduce water loss by mulching (although this can provide hiding place for slugs) or hoe between rows. This breaks up the surface of the soil, reducing the capillary action drawing water upto the surface which then evaporates. The additional benefit is that it cuts down any weeds too which rob your precious plants of much needed moisture and nutrients.

Vegetables to sow this month include:
  • spring cabbages
  • oriental vegetables such as chinese cabbage, pak choy, mizuna
  • chicory
  • kohl rabi
  • lettuce, and salad leaves
  • peas
  • french beans
  • beetroot
  • carrots
  • radishes
  • turnip

Herbs; sow basil, coriander, dill, parsley and sorrel direct.

Flower seeds to sow for flowering next year  include digitalis ( foxgloves ),,nasturtium, dianthus, stocks (brompton and night scented), anthriscus sylvestris (cow parley), lychnis and wallfower

if you have harvested your veg and have nothing to follow, don't leave the soil bare. Sow some green manure to feed the soil and retain moisture. Mustard is fast growing but should be included in your crop rotation if growing veg. Fenugreek and buckwheat also produce dense foliage.

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