Black HotBin mini next to green wheelie bin

More hot stuff

Look at what was on my doorstep one glorious afternoon. My mini hotbin finally arrived.Look what was waiting on the doorstep!

Light and easy to manhandle into position; I soon had it out of the box and filling up.

Fortunately I have a paper shredder so was easily able to get a good mixture of green stuff (vegetable peelings and grass cuttings) mixed with brown stuff (shredded paper and cardboard) and a sprinkle of supplied 'hard' stuff (woodchips) to provide aeration. 

The temperature stubbornly hovered in the mid thirties - would it never reach the magical 40-60 deg C and cook. That heady day arrived and it steamed away. As suggested, I drew off some liquor from the bottom so it didn't flood as the contents shrank down and I topped it up. The result 6 weeks later was a coarse compost - to be fair they recommend using it at this stage as a mulch but with a bit of sieving out of the lumps (eggshells and larger lumps that have not fully rotted down which will be returned to the bin) I shall have a bag of my own compost. 

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