Time to do it!

In my Facebook feed I recently found a ‘how to get jobs done’ list, breaking them down from short manageable time slots to longer projects. Mentally the garden seems to need a long time slot but if I spend a day working in it I don’t have the stamina and pay for it the next day. Combined with my mother’s mantra it’s amazing what you can get done in 5 minutes I have headed into the garden to do a 5-10 minute job and stayed there for 30 mins to an hour getting things done.

Mentally it gets me over the blockage of needing a long period to get something worthwhile done.  So while the weather was mild I managed to get out and deal with the holly seedling that was now evident from the dining room window - meanwhile finding a variety of brambles also entwined in the cotoneaster repens. Satisfyingly I went in search of further brambles exposed by the bare branches of winter.

I could see the snowdrops I split last year coming into bloom and admire the camellia blossoms emerging - the things which do my soul good and make gardening worthwhile. I also find it helps to have jobs listed so I know what I’m aiming to achieve - it saves the indecision of wondering what to do and wasting the useful 5 minutes just making the decision!

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