Rudbeckia 'Prairie Sun' highlight at RHS Tatton Park 2018; biennial, very large flowers with lemon tips on golden petals with green centre

Visiting RHS Tatton Park Show 17th to 21st July 2019

I hadn’t thought of booking this year as my daughter was expecting a baby, As babe has arrived early I thought I would take a look at the website and see if anything took my fancy!

I went a couple of years ago with a friend and really enjoyed the day.  From the car park there was a lovely walk through a wooded area to the facilities and entry gates. It felt very different to when I took my mother some 10-15 years before when the entry was in a bleak field and the whole site seemed a little disorganised. This time was easy to enter and the grounds themselves were well laid out with spacious walkways. Food areas and facilities were easy to find.

I was fascinated when looking at the garden designs, as to how the designers put them together and to see if I could be inspired to change one small corner of my own garden - or to realise what plants might make good ground cover. One that inspired me was recycling tins and plastic milk bottles as plant containers on a vertical wall. This year I see there are some question and answer sessions so a good place to bring some of those niggly questions.  

The school gardens were also innovative and well executed. It was great to see the parents and children sharing the endeavours. For wow factor head to the exhibition produce and the growers in the flower tents - stunning masses of colour and admiration for those who put together the immaculate displays. And the scent…!

If you want flowers, sustaining wildlife, self sufficiency or just a good day out to inspire you then RHS Tatton is a great place to go.

Highlights from last year included: Rudbeckia hirta 'Prairie Sun' in the Sunshine Field; The Poisonous Garden; Back to Back gardens to demonstrate what can be done in the smallest spaces  and The Bee Hive packed with Verbena bonariensis, Rudbeckia, Salvia and Monarda.

Author Sue Lumb

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