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Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Herb Sage - 75 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Vegetables - Herb Sage - 75 Seed



Sage is ideal for rich foods and best known used for its use in traditional sage and onion stuffing. And don't forget that Sage also looks great in the perennial border. It is reputed to ward off carrot fly when planted next to carrots. Or if planted with cabbage, it is said to improve their flavour and digestibility and to repel Cabbage Moth and Cabbage White Butterfly.

Sow seeds in early spring in good free draining seed compost, just covering the seed. Germination usually takes 10-21 days at 21-24C. When seedlings are large enough to handle transplant into 8cm pots, grow cool and finally plant out 38cm apart into a sunny spot in free draining soil. For best results, provide any well-drained soil in full sun, however try to avoid acidic soils. The flavour of the leaves will be best in warm, dry conditions. To keep plants bushy, prune in spring to encourage new shoots with strong flavour. Harvest leaves as and when required once plants are well grown.

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