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Thompson & Morgan - Fruit - Rhubarb - 60 Seed


Thompson & Morgan - Fruit - Rhubarb - 60 Seed


Rhubarb - Glaskin's Perpetual

Started in heat in late winter Rhubarb 'Glaskin’s Perpetual' can be harvested lightly the following year. The large, juicy stems are excellent for tarts, pies, jam, and wine. As its name suggests, this reliable rhubarb can be harvested late in the season due to its low oxalic acid content. This easy to grow garden variety will produce some variation in the seedlings ranging from green to pink and even red stemmed plants. Height: 60cm. Spread: 120cm.

Sow the seeds in early spring individually 1.6mm deep in 7.5cm pots of a good free draining seed compost. Keep the compost moist but not over wet until germination which takes 21-40 days at 20-25C. Once the seedlings have emerged, lower the temperature and later move to a cold frame before planting out in late spring. Plant carefully, so as not to disturb the roots, 1m apart in a good, fertile garden soil to which plenty of compost has been added. Once planted do not move them again. Water in dry weather, and top dress around the crowns with a well rotted compost in early summer and repeat each year. In the second year a light picking can be made and in subsequent years, they can be picked until mid summer, always leaving at least 4 leaves per plant.

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