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Thompson & Morgan - Wild Flower Snakes Head Fritillaria - 25 Seeds


Snakes Head Fritillaria

This is a beautiful hardy bulb with white pendant 4cm blooms heavily chequered with pink, plum or purple. Snakes's Head Fritillary can be grown in grass and often self-seeds to make delightful colonies of nodding bells.

Sow from autumn to spring in a good seed compost with one-third coarse grit or perlite added. Just cover with compost and then add 6mm of chippings or grit. Place outside in a shady spot, open to the weather. Germination can take 1-12 months, Keep the compost moist through the summer, once most have germinated, move to a cold frame or well-lit spot in the garden and keep well-watered. Transplant carefully when the bulbs are dormant and grow on for 2-3 seasons before planting out in full sun and well-drained soil 10-15cm apart. They can grow in grass if it isn't cut until the leaves die down.

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